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YOGA FOR KIDS Nos enfants sont comme nous, subissent les conséquences du stress, et cela n’est pas un mythe, réussite scolaire à tout prix, trop longues journées, les tensions familiales, imprévus, nouveautés etc.. et nos bambins réagissent à leur façon, parfois apathie, parfois surexcitation, nos enfants sont plus vulnérables au stress que nous adultes, bien sûr cela va dépendre de l’âge de l’enfant et sa façon de pouvoir prendre le contrôle et bien souvent c’est notre comportement qui les aidera à gérer au mieux ce “stress”; Le Yoga a toute sa place auprès des enfants depuis la plus tendre enfance, ne commence-t-on...

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To be or not to be faithful to one yoga school

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So its a real great question isn’it? Why? Such as lot of students I started to practice in a strict way:  Iyengar way, far be it for me to criticize the Rolls-Royce of Yoga for most of practioners. I would have been keep doing if I had not moved house to Bangkok and if I had not had any accident. So finally I tried another kinds of Yoga and different ways of teaching, different teachers a very good ones or sometimes absolutely not suitable for me, but each time I learned more and more about me and my body,  somehow I grew up but I kept more yearnings, you know that you feel smothing deep down inside of you but unable to put words in it ? I was looking for...

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Cora has an Iyengar background and still continue study with Senior Iyengar Teachers she always looks after new body’s understanding new approach  as all We know each body is different each feeling is different she has the past experience of the woman youth and she knows how to embrace the marvelous moment in the woman ‘s life after fifty to stay happy in our body ‘s change and the most important her generosity for every one her great kindness her philosophy her spirituality make her THE GRANDE DAME of YOGA , Join her, join us you Will experience a new step in your teaching, !!!   Please contact me if you come from abroad and need somewhere to...

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Bangkok 500 hr Advance Yoga Teacher Training with Cora Wen

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Yoga Bloom and YogaAum-Manduka in Thailand Dream Team – Vanida, Minyoung, Veena are excited to announce 100Hr YTT from Yoga Bloom Teacher Training & 2 Weekend workshops with CORA WEN in Bangkok for the first time for your easy access & convenience from 16~27 March 2012, …graciously sponsored by Manduka and YogaAum Join us to expand your skills, develop yourself as a teacher & cultivate a more thorough understanding of yoga. This certification will provide the training to bring your practice & teaching to the next level. Cora Wen, E-RYT 500, is the Founder of Yoga Bloom, a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training. A yoga teacher’s teacher, her...

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