10 benefits of Yoga

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10 benefits of Yoga

The benefits of Yoga, why to practice…It is never to late to begin take care of yourself and optimize your well being, you are never too stiff !!! And what you do with your life starts right now regardless of your age that is the beauty of Yoga. You can observe the first improvement about one week, you feel better, more calm, if you can practice once a week it’s already done. Yoga tells you to let go and every one can practice either you are young or old, man or woman, with Yoga you learn to control your breath :

Pranayama – No matter what physical limitations you have, they are many ways to practice, you must be reminded that merely to assume that asanas(postures) as a demonstration of acrobatic abilities is not in the spirit of YOGA.

Yoga is an alternative therapy and can prevent mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, fears, anger, promote strength, reduce overweight, strengthen the bones, prevent injuries, balance your hormones and find menopause solution, increase your energy, improve your posture, promote your spiritual well-being and that only a partial list.



  1. Hello man! I fully agree with your opinion. I’ve just added it to bookmarks.

    • Great advice. This is more important than one would think. I would even go the opposite way and suggest to fast a bit before class The less you have in the immediate, upper area of your stomach and intestines, the more room you have to bend and breathe. It also allows you to get deeper into meditation when your body processes are very still and quieted. If you are really hungry, I’d be careful even about a full banana or too many nuts right before a class. I had a banana once right before a class when I was hungry, and it sort of ruined my whole class. In my experience, I wouldn’t eat even a small snack for at least 30 mins before class. As a pre-class carry-over I recommend water and tea and in many practices milk is highly recommended as a meditative drink. So, if you have to, gently sipping a little milk, tea, water, lime-water (limes are also meditative), or low-sugar electrolyte drink is a good substitute until you can eat properly.

    • You’re welcome!!! Happy to share with numerous Yogini the same passion, have a beautiful day, Namaste christine

  2. Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff on line.

    • I suppose it’s similar to yoga where what you get out of it depends on the instructor and whether the type of class is right for you! I’m so lucky with mine but I’m desperate to get into yoga too. Unfortunately I have the same problem in that my gym membership is all inclusive and the yoga classes are all during the day when I’m at work Time to get nagging the managers I think! The more blogs I read, the more I want to get into yoga!

      • Dear Ahmed,

        I understand your frustration, may I suggest to just looking for a Yoga Studio dedicated only for Yoga where you should find a schedule that suits you well, not only schedule, but the class the teacher. If you use to practice yoga maybe it’s time now to practice by yourself anytime anywhere, Tadasana the Mountain pose the foundation for your whole body how to standing correctly using the 4 corners or your feet, cat and cow pose for awakening your spine, if you are familiar with Adho Mukha Svanasana, Dog pose it’s a real good one to start the day, but do not forget BREATH is the key, enjoy each day Namaste,

    • Delighted to be able to help you a little, Yoga gives us the opportunity to know more about who we are, and when we know we can share and helps others, Yoga is patience, truth, dedication towards yourself and others, enjoy!! Namaste christine

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