Yoga and personal exploration

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More I read articles about Yoga about our daily life, our behavior like a standard behavior for all yogi and yogini , we must do that we do this we must feel that we must feel this and so on….Personally, this raises serious questions in my mind. Sometimes according to the author it seems every Yogi and Yogini must be a perfect as human being, we must be a compassionate person all the time, no anger no weakness a perfect behavior all the time, but does-it possible ? of course not, if you’re not vegetarian Shame on you! and it’s just outline.

As for me Yoga you need to be ready to fall in love with, some people practice like if they ‘ve chosen a fitness class and expect from the teacher a class for sweat and lose weight, others like a therapy because their doc asked them, or because something happens to them and is the time for . All of us are free if we are consistent with ourself, we make a choice all the time wrong or good.

When we fall in love with yoga, we start to practice with regularity and by our one and we realize something happens to us gently, our mind changes, our body’s memory increases , and progressively we are interested to learn more to experiment more, our behavior changes alone because we feel better deep down inside, we pull ourselves by our bootstrap its the best we can do, to listen our inner voice, with yoga we experiment life that means the first stage is a baby yogi or yogini until we becomes an adult and responsible yogi or yogini, at the first stage we want every thing and right now and we forget to protect ourselves from injury because we still have a ego to prove to others we can do, then is the teen’s stage we hesitate, we hate and love at the same time Yoga, we don’t know yet who we are, and suddenly we grow up and we “see” that yoga is not pushing ourselves but its about feelings is not about achievement it’s about exploration!

And something beautiful happens to us, we open our mind we are ready to lean more to be an humble student all our life, when we read the first time the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and ashtavangani (eight limbs of yoga), we understood but we not experimented them, with the time the eight limbs comes to us and more we’ll read more them will be clear for us and more we’re getting old by age or experience more peaceful we are, we have more understanding through Yoga’s Philosophy , we can help others because we are in peace with ourself.

Some of my students ask me if the must become a vegetarian, who I am to tell them you must!!, I suggest them to try and feel the difference in their mind and body , it’s a personal approach not a directive, I think this is a matter of common sense. if you eat too much you should feel bad in your mind and body every excess, to go too far may change our behavior because mind and body are linked.

Life is not a straight line we are only a human being with imperfections, we must face the fact and work with , the best we can it’s to ask ourselves how did the day turn out, and try to work with your weakness, behavior and so on, if you have anger she not comes to be into full of hate etc…

Even the great St Augustin had had a very strong anger and sins !!

Yoga opens up to us about ourselves is the beauty of Yoga, you’ve never practice before just try, if you’re ready you should feel something deep down inside of you you’ve never expect: happiness!!

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  1. dawn mason August 23, 2010 at 2:36 am Hi Coe Give yourself a break about the stress you are causing more harm with the stress of thinking whether you should/shouldn’t eat eat it than the stress itself. Just have it sometimes, maybe as a treat and stick to your healthy diet the rest of the time? ..And, when you have it, enjoy, no guilt I think you know all this ha-ha! Love and light Dawn Mason

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