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This Article in Elephant Journal ( walking Your talk : Teaching Non competitive Yoga  by Charlotte Belle) remind me my first teaching classes, I never liked to show off, first of all because I am not gifted, I have a normal range of motion even now with my regular and personal practice that increased such as I never expected, but is not the point.


The matter is when I use to give class I must be aware of the needs and capabilities of my students, most of them at the beginning could not do at all a plank and Chaturanga during Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) even to do Sun salutations properly without injure themselves, so suddenly I can still see me at my first class how it was so difficult, my arms my shoulders were not enough strong, I did not have a opening chest for most simple back bending or Headstand, I couldn’t not come in Padmasana as well  ( even now somehow) my hips were to stiff, So I decided to prepare step by step their body to built stamina, strength flexibility and now after one year they enjoy Surya Namaskar and for the first time this week we prepared for perform  Mayurasana after months with wrists and core muscles , most of them are ready.


Sometimes when I have students and notice they are capable of, sure I demonstrate the whole posture and encourage them but in safety way remind them all the time do not push themselves to impress me, others even themselves. But all the time I have few of them wanting to jump to final pose to demonstrate their own abilities, maybe to tell me wordlessly ” I am better than you…” finally the competition seems to be a natural tendency off all of human being.


So often in that case at the end of the class we discuss together what they enjoyed the most or disliked and why and the student who demonstrated abilities do the same posture and I detailed how to perform safely talking about muscles organs range of motion, proportions, that allows her or him to be more humble and more responsible, that develops his/her own awareness.


Yoga means patience respect of ourselves, every thing will happen with time and awareness, some postures we need decades or more until our mind and body come together and allow us to perform a beautiful posture with all feelings that make us alive outside and inside, we feel suddenly a thrill deep down a new knowledge about ourselves about who we are that the point that is reinvigorating that is the truth.

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