Bangkok 500 hr Advance Yoga Teacher Training with Cora Wen

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Yoga Bloom and YogaAum-Manduka in Thailand Dream Team – Vanida, Minyoung, Veena are excited to announce 100Hr YTT from Yoga Bloom Teacher Training & 2 Weekend workshops with CORA WEN in Bangkok for the first time for your easy access & convenience from 16~27 March 2012, …graciously sponsored by Manduka and YogaAum

Join us to expand your skills, develop yourself as a teacher & cultivate a more thorough understanding of yoga. This certification will provide the training to bring your practice & teaching to the next level.

Cora Wen, E-RYT 500, is the Founder of Yoga Bloom, a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training. A yoga teacher’s teacher, her lineage is a virtual who’s who of American yoga masters. Her style is a funky fusion of self-deprecating humor, anatomy and meridian magic. She blends the safety of Iyengar alignment, with a flowing practice to enliven your spirit & weaves Buddhist teachings into her lively classes. She is certified in therapeutic yoga and consistently helps her students find freedom from injuries and chronic ailments like arthritis, sciatica and back pain. Cora explores asana like no one else, opening to the beauty in the imperfect and the acceptance of change in body, mind and spirit. Visit her online at

To earn credit for 200RYT or 500RYT, Yoga Alliance highest standard of International Yoga Certification, all are welcome to attend 100Hr Certification this March with Cora.

It will be completed in 8 days & 2 weekends (12 days). However, there is a lot of flexibility built into the program. WEEKEND WORKSHOPS ARE OPEN FOR ALL LEVELS & you can attend a minimum of 3 hours or a maximum of 12 hours. Design it to your convenience!!

Come join us to gain experience & expertise in:

Sincerity and Clarity as a Yoga teacher
Yoga Bloom is structured around the qualities of a teacher.
Through the framework of asana instruction and sequencing, this module will enhance your teaching skills in these ways:
• Acceptance of self and others
• Relevancy of your teaching
• Creating boundaries — both on and off the yoga mat
• Teaching from your authentic voice
• Accessibility for students of all ages and abilities
• Develop confidence & skills to be the teacher you want to be!

Art of Teaching
o Principles of Alignment & Adjustments
o Planning & Sequencing Classes
o Anatomy & Kinesiology for Yoga
o Developing Themes & Workshops
o Ability to Improvise & Adapt
o Working with Joint Injury

March 17~18 : “RADIANCE OF YIN & YANG: Vinyasa Flow, Twists & Hip Openers”

March 24~25 : “BETWEEN YIN & YANG: Backbends, Inversions & Shoulder Openers”

Depending on number of training days registered, you will receive fabulous giveaways from YogaAum/Vanida. Check their website for further details

Early Bird Registration: Friday, 2nd March (for 100Hr YTT & Weekend workshops)

16~27 March : 8 days & 2 weekends (12 days)

Weekday Timing: 8:30-12:30 & 14:00-19:00 (9hrs)
Weekend Timing: 9:00-12:00 & 14:00-17:00 (6 hrs)

8 days x 9 hrs= 72hrs
4 days x 6 hrs= 24 hrs
12 days = 96 hrs + 4 hrs self study

Price for full YTT, 100 hours for 8 days & 2 weekends (12 days)
• 69,000 Baht – Early Bird
• 74,000 Baht – Regular
FREE: eKomat 5 mm, Aumblock and AumStrap

Price for Weekend Workshops
• Half day (3 hours) session
• 2,200 – Early Bird
• 2,500 – Regular

• 1 day (6 hours) session
• 4,000 – Early Bird
• 4,800 – Regular

• 2 day (12 hours) session
• 7,500 – Early Bird
• 9,100 – Regular
FREE: Aumblock or AumStrap
VENUE: Lullaby Yoga studio, All Seasons Place 3rd fl, CRC Tower, Wireless road. BTS- Phloenchit
Further details are in attached flyers.

Please feel free to join Bangkok 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Cora Wen page on facebook for updates It will give you detailed information about 500 Hours Standard Yoga Alliance & Yoga Bloom Teacher Training.

Come immerse yourself in this valuable training. Give yourself a memorable gift for better health in the years to come, spreading its word to a bigger yoga community!
CONTACT: To register for weekdays & weekends, Minyoung Kim. Email: Mb: +668-92023575 or Veena Sethi. Email: Mb: +668-18289205.

PAYMENT PROCEDURE: For YTT, please pay Veena via Bangkok Bank Savings account # 005-7-03950-5. For paypal account procedure, pl inquire further. Once you have paid, there will be no refund, unless there is an absolute emergency.

Booking of weekend workshops can be done through studio, Veena or Minyoung.
Payment of weekend workshops can be done at studio or to Veena via bank transfer or Paypal.

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