Women’s Life Yoga lesson

Yoga for all different stages of a women’s life.


Puberty(teens) – Pregnancy – Post-partum – Menopause – Post-menopause.

Teens :

Internal organs are growing and changing during this period and can become upset with diet changes or over stimulation of news…Yoga help to keep organs healthy and assists in balances. Out the mood swings resulting from the hormonal imbalances. Allows girls to develop greater poise, grace and confidence, as well as a more accepting relationship to their body and a positive image of who they are.

Pregnancy :

It is a time for women can make benefical changes in their health and promotes the healthy development on their unborn babies.

Post-partum :

Assisting the immediate recovery, restore bones alignment and muscles balance, promotes physical and mental well-being.

Menopause :

This stage usually occurs between the age of 40 and 60. Fluctuating estrogen and progesteron levels can trigger a myriad of unconfortable symptoms, or hot flashes, irritability, depression, fatigue, mood swings.  Yoga can bring you relief practising asanas. helping control unpleasant symptoms, restorative postures. A regular practice can make a world’s difference. It is the best menopausis holistic medecine at your disposal.

Post-menopause :

Yoga helps with lung capacity, heart health, stress relief. Yoga helps  to balance hormones  endocrin and circulatory system. Yoga is particularly good for post-menopausal weight gain, additionaly, yoga helps with osteoporosis. Yoga cannot replace bone that’s already lost but it can help maintain strength in the bones. Appropriate asanas can bring agility to the joints to prevent falling as we age.