YogaForEveryBody will take an end for holidays July  22  at Centre Santi Pau, Well-being center : 132 bis, avenue du Tonkin, 64140 LONS and will reopen September 3d 2018.

 Bus lines :  ligne 4, stop “cheneraie”

ligne 13, stop “estieni”

 New Schedule YogaForEveryBody  from Septembre 19 :

EVERY MONDAY EVENING         : 19h30 – 21h  Yoga For Every Body : class designed to be accessible to you in the body you have right now

EVERY THURSDAY EVENING    : 20h30 – 22h00 Yoga For Every Body :  Vinyasa Flow it’s an energetic class and is a holistic way to strengthen, lengthen, detox and tone your body

EVERY FRIDAY EVENING           : 20h00 – 21h30  Yin Yoga &/or Restorative Yoga : class designed to be accessible to you in the body you have right now

Props are provided for your comfort ( mats, blankets, blocks, straps etc…)

Please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign-in and set up your practice space. Doors will be locked at the beginning of class and latecomers will not be admitted in group class.

PRENATAL YOGA  is taking place on septembre 12 2016 at my HOMESTUDIO YogaByChristine : Mamas at any stage of their pregnancy are welcome for this amazing class, This yoga class is designed to support your changing body and prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for labour and birth and provide healthy development on their unborn babies. Great place to connect new mom-to-be. Bring with you some dry fruits , water.   Please contact me to book your space for and to learn location. As soon as possible bring your doctor’s certificate to allow you to practice yoga.


Mommy and Me Yoga :  Friday  10h30 -11h45

Prenatal Yoga : Tuesday : 19h00 – 20h15   Friday : 17h00 -18h15

Yin Yoga : 12h00 -13h30

MyHomeStudio Pau WEDNESDAY

Prenatal yoga : 16h45 – 18h00

Yoga Vinyasa : 18h30 -20h00

Mommy & Me Yoga : it’s a great way to alleviate and prevent postpartum depression,  bonding with your baby. So a gentle Yoga-based mouvements with your little one ( 6 weeks to almost crawling 5/6 months or so )  can help you to recover not only your figure but also you muscles strength post-baby, do not worry if your baby does cry or need to be fed during the class, is not a big deal , all classes are accomodated these situations.  And you will built relationships with others mothers sharing experiences. You can join me right after birthing too, to allow yourself to relax .

Please check with your widwife or doctor before retourning to class