New Schedule YogaForEveryBody  from Septembre 7th 2020 at SYMPHONIE CENTER 19 AVENUE HENRI DUNANT 64000 PAU  :

SEASONAL YOGA : Seasonal Yoga is a soft flowing hatha yoga where the asanas and yoga flows change as spring transforms into summer and autumn passes to winter. We have included the Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. The classic yoga positions are slightly adapted to stimulate acupressure points as well as meridians, the energy channels.We need the energetic shifts of the seasons to balance rest and activity. By learning more about nature and the seasons, we learn more about ourselves. If we allow too much imbalance or stress we feel drained of energy and experience working against ourselves. ( Thx SUE WOOD &  TINA HEDREN)

SEASONAL YOGA CHIBALL YOGA HATHA  (Yoga For Every Body : class designed to be accessible to you in the body you have right now ) only online classes according pandemic situation

Monday :  18h30 -19h30 Recreative yoga ( using blocks, strap, dumbells, elastic bands ball etc…)

Friday   18h130 -19h30  A dynamic sequence of postures that synchronizes your breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility.


Wednesday online : 18h30 -19h30

Please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign-in and set up your practice space. Doors will be locked at the beginning of class and latecomers will not be admitted in group class.

 FOR ALL CLASSES ,  I require 5+ students to attend , low numbers will result in cancelation of the  class.