About Christine

Firstly, I am a certified Hatha Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation. I started practicing Yoga for 19 years already including 8 years studying and practicing Iyengar Style . Moreover, I had one year pre-training as a Yoga teacher before I left France. During my stay in Thailand, I had an unfortunate experience when I have had an accident and for one year,  all my right side from head to toes was almost paralysed, I recovered day by day because of Yoga. So now,  I joined numerous workshops in Europe and Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Canada.

Secondly, I am also certified Prenatal Yoga by Pilates Studios Bangkok, Anusara Yoga level 3, Anma massage : Traditional Japanese Massage with The Shiatsu School Singapore. I am certified with American Council Exercise(ACE) training Older Adults and Pregnant and Post-Partum clients , Yoga for kids with French speaking Federation : YogapourTous and with Rainbow Kids Yoga and KiddingAroundYoga, certified  Garuda Matwok Foundation with James D’Silva Founder & Director. In addition, I had Numerous Yin Yoga Workshops in Asia and Europe, and Canada with graduation with Bernie Clark. Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra level I & II with Tianne Allan, Meditation and Philosophy with Michael Stone. Lately, training with Paulie Zink for Yin Yoga and Self-Acupressure and Acupressure Therapy  with Michael reed Gack.

Furthermore, I  joined several Asthanga Workshops in Thailand with Sutchawadee (Sasha :www.ashtangayogavancouver.com) and I have continuing education all the the years. I am always interested in new ways of approaching my practice and teaching. I have had the chance to share my passion and learn with very great teachers such as Corine et Faecq Biria Iyengar Masters,  Cora Wen for Yoga Therapy and still learning with her to become a Yoga Therapist Teacher, Prasad Rangnekar teacher for teachers, Victor Chng and Sebastian Pucelle for Yin-Yoga from whom I decided definitely to teach Yin Yoga to improve Yang practice ( Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha…),   I thank them to show me the path.

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In return , I want to share to you everything that I received from my Guru years ago, I advocate and teach care and maintenance of the body for all ages through alignment and core strength building and encourage a healthy joint.

Lately, I have had a strong intensive teacher training in Vancouver for Restorative Yoga with Tianne Alan ( Vancouver), Michael Stone for Ashtanga and Meditation and with Bernie Clark for Yin Yoga to deeper my practice and my teaching . One week intensive Yoga Artistico training with Dharmachari Maitreyananda. This year 2018,  100 hours Seasonal Yoga with Sue Wood and Tina Hedren. 2019 to 2021 training online because unfortunaltely the pandemic situation, for yin yoga with Jo Phee online classes from May 2020 to september, with Paul Grilley and Suzee then 50h TCM yin training with James Wong.

Since a while now, because I was trained for, I used to teach yoga for people with cancer especially for women with breast cancer to improving recovery . I did not mention it because it was private classes since 2010. Then the women I met lately told me it was a waste to not help others women. So, since December each Saturday at the medical Center in Pau 2 regular morning group classes  , small classes no more 2 or 3 per classes.

When I starded the firt time it was for a woman to recover after bowel cancer, then another one after bones cancer, and I never stopped alas as this terrible fate is growing up .


I am a highly motivated teacher who teach with compassion and joy. I speak French, English, Spanish .

Come and have fun with yoga while enjoying all the other benefits that you will experience from it.