Shantala Baby Massage

Shantala Baby Massage


You just have your new born as a Mom, you want to transmit your intuitive love to your baby in the massage, as a Dad, you want to share with your baby a non verbal dialogue through your hands , I propose you to learn how to do in only two sessions and you will enjoy to mass your baby every day.

Shantala massage is transmitted from centuries from mother to child , strongly influenced by Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, it is appropriate for babies. Being touched and massaged is a basic needs for babies, it is relaxing, it enhances their sense of security above all after delevery it is a new world for them, their sleeps patterns as well their immune systems.

It also helps with tummy troubles.

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First session : 60 euros around 60 minutes

Second session : 50 euros


is not a medical act or paramedical, the duration of massage is around 30/45 minutes depending his age, we just follow the baby’s rhythm , If he needs to be feed, we stop. The best time is before the bath.